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I see www.Foxnews.com published along with Lew Rockwell,  and many other sites published Christopher Jordan Dorner’s Manifesto which praised the disciples of the left. He loves Chris Matthews, Piers Morgan, Dianne Fienstein and many other fellow travelers of the progressive movement who hate guns yet use them or have people with guns who protect them from ghostly threats. This man wants gun control but kills and yet the left looks upon him as the next Robinhood.

History, not schooling, will tell you that Robinhood stole from the government (theives in themselves) to give to the poor but the progressive movement changed the meme to say he stole from the rich to give to the poor. I find it ironic that the left is looking at this man, who killed a cop and innocent people as an ideal, as kind of a folk hero.

I do not know this man but understand his grievance against the injustice of government, but the fact that a bunch of looney leftist in California love him is beyond me, you guys need the police union dues or you’ll go bankrupt but I’m OK if the police convert back to Reagan Republicanism.

Yet, this fits the meme of the left. When a white guy shoots up some place then Sarah Palin and the Tea Party gets blamed without any proof, but when a black man, who has been screwed over since birth by his lilly white democrat masters is on the rampage, then he is looked upon like a folkhero by liberal MSM (i.e., Chris Matthews or Peirs Morgan) who all of a sudden say guns are OK in the hand of the right people. What a world we live in.

The Kansas Kracker