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Like any good drug addict, Nancy Pelosi, representative of the Communist enclave of California, says the US Gov’t doesn’t have a spending problem.

We live in a country that is $17T in debt and have another $220T of off balance sheet debt, according to those who want to see the forest for the trees. Most of society just goes on believing the lie, as it is the easiest method of salvation. The truth is always the hardest reality for the masses to see and is always impeded by the State.

This is mostly reinforced through such devices as the honor roll bumper sticker, which promotes conformity to the State via the family structure, and is then reinforced through reduced academic standards by the State. The children then rebels against the parents who years earlier realized that State promises are a lie, such as social security and Medicare, but by this time the children have been hooked on the schooling of the State and the greatness of their taxpayer funded structures (aka schools). This then puts the child against the parents against the State who is the father of us all, except for that Darwin science is made up and therefore the State is as well.

Now we come full circle and realize those who are paid by the State via forced tax collections (teachers) want to influence the children who are forced to go to school via federal mandate and so the children should just bow down to their schooling masters via a bumper sticker saying they are special.

We as a society are in big trouble and the common denominator is federal bureaucracy and that is why we are all bureaucratic slaves. Believe what you will but know we are all slaves and then at least the children can choose their own paths to salvation.