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Like the UN, their ‘new’ computer system sucks. This is just another shocking display of stupidity from those who are supposed to run the world in an efficient Poison Ivy League manner. After all, this organization bows to no one and pays no taxes and is filled with the scum of every country on the face of the Earth, mostly educated at the most prestigious Western universities where they learn to hate mankind yet live such an opulent lifestyle.

Too be a member of the UN is to be in the 1%, to live off the backs of the workers and taxpayers they claim to represent is in itself a prestigious position. No taxes, No parking tickets, first class flights to the finest places in the world where a cabal of bureaucrats meet to determine our outcomes.

In hindsight these people come from well to do families who all have ties to government. They realize their investments can’t compete so they use their influence to enrich themselves and protect their investments from upcoming entrepreneurs via legislation. That is the whole purpose of the UN and always has been, to protect entrenched families from competition.

This is why Adam Smith isn’t taught at the finest universities and you never hear of Ludwig Von Mises. These people and their ideas are a threat not to the world but to those who think they are the world’s masters and this is why governments the world over are nothing but a sham ran by a cabal of bureaucrats who would sell their mothers into slavery, to serve the mighty few. The mafia/triads/cartels aren’t bad organizations, they just do what governments do all the time and that is why they have to be eliminated or corralled. The Kansas Kracker now sees the bigger picture and all the arms of government that have hindered my thought process along the way.