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America ceased to be the land of the free a long time ago when the gov’t decided to destroy the Branch Davidians and long before them when Nixon was the President. I know it is ugly but around 40% of the people in WACO were black and that is hard for CBS/ABC/NBC/CNN to report when Janet Reno is in charge of the murders that occurred and our first Black President ordered these murders (Bill Clinton).

We all know the white democrats created ghettos to control the blacks and then explained their death toll as Republican policies, which goes against the history of the voting of Congress, which had the white republicans voting in favor of the blacks via the Civil right legislation. I find it funny that the Democrats voted down the Civil Rights, most notably, Al Gore’s father, but history is a minor road bump for our MSM which has always been a mouth piece for the treasonous activities of the left. The left, and the idiotic masses still believes that Republican hate old people, yet Al Gore (Democrat) cast the final vote to tax social security ‘benefits.’ This happened over 10 years ago but still the MSM says the Republicans hate old people, whenever there is a vote it is the left pissing on those whom they promised benefits too, but like all victims of the Stockholm Syndrome they continue to vote stupid.
At a minimum the left is treasonous, always voting against the US Constitution and the family structure, as Western Civilization is enemy number one, but yet they support the death of children via abortion yet never their own. Why the NY Times never questions their hypocrisy is beyond me, but that is the spine of their propaganda.
The Kansas Kracker