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I find the world an ironic place when Dr. Ben Carson (a Black Man or if you will, an African American) a neurosurgeon (vs a Community Organizer who is now the President of the US via the stupidity of the masses) at John Hopkins, who disagrees with goverments view of healthcare.

I’ll always believe a doctor over a socialist with a pretend Poison Ivy League law degree which the MSM will hide since they are alumi brothers. He says the goverment can’t manage an apple stand selling only Gala apples, but yet the head of the HHS, which is a white Democrat women named Kathleen Sebelius who hates unborn African Americna children, via Planned Parenthood grants, says we know better and can ‘manage’ society better than you via death panels.
I’ll take a Ben Carson any day of the week. He is a class act and true believer in God and not the government as a false God prophet.

I know the world hates a 5th generation white Swedish guy who takes on the monikor of the The Kansas Kracker which pays homage to the Native Americans who settled the land before my people arrived and the derived negative sterotype which Kracker shoud represent, but I think is apt because white people do represent Ritz, Clubs or Wheat Thins.

I also find it funny that Black people think Bill Clinton or Barack Obama love black people when they do nothing about black on black crime. Barack Obama was selected by the Council on Foreign Relations for this reason and so was Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton’s requests killed far more black people than George Bush but black people like liberal democrats don’t care about the truth and will continue to vote for empty promises.
Also, BHO, will continue to ignore the death toll in Chicago and if you are a stupid liberal (oxymoron) I know then ask yourself why. Liberalism is stupidy and can pretend to believe the lies of the gov’t.
The Kansas Kracker