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I realize that I’m a few days late with my opinion on this matter but blogging doesn’t pay the bills, as of yet.

It seems the USA is now blessed with their own version of a monarchy with Moochelle and Barry (Marie Antoionette and Luois XVI). Moochelle goes to Aspen to ski and shuts down the airport and Barry the Emperor goes off to Florida to golf in secret and spends a cool $1mm of the tax payer’s money to get private lessons and then golfs with Tiger Woods.

Ironically, a liberal progressive president may lead the American people to a French like revolution were the peasants overthrow their #1 supporter. History is ironic and always has been and in America’s case the 1% get richer while the president rails on them. This actually makes sense because Barry is their puppet and has been groomed to be their well-compensated slave from a very early age.

Moochelle and Barry always rail on the 1% and somehow the people actually still believe them. Give me a fu*king break. They choose the two biggest uber whitest sports (skiing and golf) and then somehow have the cred to say they are down with the lower and middle classes. They don’t care about the poor or the middle class, they actually look down on them, but because the lower and middle classes are completely indoctrinated through schooling and media outlets not to see the hypocrisy, they will continue with their abuse of power, just like the two criminal families in government (The Democrats and the Republicans).

If only Shakespeare could have penned such a story…As that is what gov’t is today, made up theatre with no substance.