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I see Mayor Bloomberg says the press should leave his fellow Bureaucratic Dictator alone. No one should leave these people alone, as their minions harass the commoners even in their sleep (24/7). Too much salt, too much soda, too much styrofoam, but never too much meaningless laws and regulations to keep the peasants in line.

Now Illinois Senator, Ira Silverstein, wants to ban anonymous website posters, the 1st Amendment be damned. What is it about elected officials and their quest for power but hypocritical stances on the US Constitution and the law of the land.

Now in New Hampshire the elected officials want to ski for free. Shouldn’t we all not ski for free? People get free housing, free phones, free money (for the children of course), free all kind of stuff and why not gas while we’re at it since it is sitting at about $4 bucks a gallon, but those that have the ability to vote for free stuff yet they don’t want people to post anonymous stuff on a website for their fear of backlash. These people and those before them have created this monster we call Government but they don’t want to be held accountable. I’m not shocked at all at their quest for censorship and absolute power, as Orwell is smiling big time right now.

I realize one of these examples is in New Hampshire and the other in the Democratic plantation of Illinois, but these bureaucrats all act the same. They think that we are their slaves and they are our masters and it has to stop and if it doesn’t then America will have regressed back to the historic mean of tyranny.

The elected and unelected Federal government bureaucrats do it, the same with the States, and likewise with the Municipalities. The people need to continue to post videos, blogs and their thoughts all over the web if the true owners (the people) of the government will ever overthrow those who have steered us down the path of corruption and global tyranny.