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Rush Limbaugh finally came out and said he was ashamed of his country. I guess it took a very liberal president for him to say it. You either love him or hate him but this guy has turned over more stones than anyone could imagine. He is the Matt Drudge of talk radio before Matt Drudge turned the DrudgeReport into a daily read. The progressive right and the liberal left (one and the same) have been out to destroy these two and many others for along time but I’m glad they live on and continue to gain a following.

My barometer in life is if the left hates you, then I’m a fan.

The left hated Reagan and he did a lot of liberal things due to the majority of Congress but the people loved him and his witty wisdom, he was no Winston Churchill but he was the great ‘Orator’ in our eyes. He hated government and said so, was almost killed for saying so, but lived to fill out his term.

He wasn’t a Harvard/Poison Ivy League man, but he was a man who knew what was right. Unlike the politician’s of today, he wasn’t there for profit but to wrong a right.

Rush sees him as a hero and so do I. As I remember in his death, a leftist pissed on his grave and if a leftist hates you that much you must have done a good thing in life, and are worthy of follow. RIP Gipper, your oratory skills where second to none to Winston Churchill.

The Kansas Kracker

He new he wanted to do raido but his dad said go to college and get a salary.