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The TSA did it again, they patronized another helpless individual. I don’t know how many oops an agency can go through and only increase in their red-tape relevancy, but then again it is a federal agency so the more stupid they do the more powerful they get. A family, with a wheelchair bound toddler was travelling out of St. Louis with their little girl to go to Disney World (the happiest place on Earth), when some over-the-top agent gives them the 3rd degree.

The only apology from the gov’t (TSA) agency was, “it regrets inaccurate guidance was provided to this family during screening.” What the hell does that mean? What an empty statement that means absolutely nothing.

I think the TSA drones are just an entry level job to the Health and Human Service Agency, headed by Planned Parenthood spokesperson Kathleen Sebelius, whose motto is, “if we don’t’ kill you in the womb we will with Obamacare.”

You have to realize it is a classic Steven Covey win win situation. The government provides you with shit healthcare and in return gives you premature death, then they don’t have to pay their Democrat promised (FDR and LBJ) social security and Medicare entitlements (aka faux promises).