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The Nanny City of New York, and mayor Bloomberg do their best impression of Vladimir Putin by banning 2 litter soda purchases with pizza deliveries, amongst other places. The camel gets its nose under the tent and all hell breaks loose. NYC is home to the supposed capitalistic (really more mercantilistic) enterprise called Wall Street but the city emperor knows better. The next step is that tax ‘revenue’ will decrease and they’ll have to make up for it someplace else. Bloomberg thinks his slaves have too much freedom so here he comes with more useless decrees. As Tacitus said, “The more corrupt the state, the more it legislates.”

The Bureaucrats will never be happy, when the peasants enjoy the finer fares of life. In this case people who enjoy pizza and soda pop, which the uber north east class has always looked down upon, the peasants that is. In Russia, where Bloomberg’s hero reigns, they are trying to take away the people’s only way of coping with the ever increasing demand of the State, booze and cigs. NY already has the cigs part and I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop, frozen dinners due to their high sodium content.

What’s next Bloomberg, banning the National Anthem in New York City? I highly doubt that, as that would take a propaganda tool away from the Leviathan, you know, trying to still convince the people they live in the “land of the free.”

The Kansas Kracker