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This video is about 9 months old but Rand Paul brings up a good point. The Congress that we the people elected, as corrupt as the process and the people are (I agree with the Pareto principle here that 20% are good and 80% are bad we rarely hear a peep from good ones – Rand Paul is an exception) can’t even follow their own rules so that begs the question…why in the hell should any of us follow their rules/laws?

Hang on their Kansas Kracker you all say (ode to Walter Williams) but won’t that only lead to anarchy. And my rebuttal is we are already there. There is no way this REPUBLIC can hold on much longer if we continue down this path of debt destruction. With the Clowns of Congress in charge, they’ll bow down and sell us out to the UN and other global bureaucracies as long as they get cushy deals with a candle on top. But then that leads to the question is why should we listen to China, Belgium, France, Russia, Japan, Korea, India, Canada, Mexico or any other bunch of hot headed wind bags that do nothing for a living but live off the back of the non-union workers.

Do we even need a government anymore? The Progressives in Government, Academia and in Entrenched Business say the US Constitution is outdated and they need to pave a new way, but I never hear them say anything about terminating themselves, an abortion so to speak.

Perhaps now is the time to get rid of as many governments and her offspring bureaucracies as possible. The promised pensions, like social security will never fully be paid. If technology has made the 4th amendment irrelevant then I say technology has made our entire thought process on government intrusion worldwide a complete waste of time in our ‘modern’ age. Maybe we should we should just make Congress and the UN go away and then ignore the black robes on the Supreme Court and the Emperor decrees out of the White House. Maybe people should just live their lives without intrusive government interference and inefficient tax schemes that only serve to increase the wealth of entrench special interests and make slaves out of us common folk. Maybe we should just ignore academia’s monopoly on education licensing, at the behest of a big government, big business alliance I might add. After all at the end of the day they only have themselves to blame for the crumbling of society.

It is time for Americans to relight the Torch of Freedom, break the chains of government serfdom and be a Beacon of Hope yet again to all the common folk (Asian, Hispanic, Indian, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim etc…) throughout the world who aspire to be their own John Galt or Howard Roark.

The Kansas Kracker