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I started this blog because of your dedication but more so because of my promise to God. Who am I? No one really, just like the rest of you out there wading through the mud and the muck but someday I can make a huge difference just like you (Andrew) did. In my case it may take a little more time, but you impacted and still make a huge difference on the field of battle. I miss you, we all miss you but your legacy still lives on and that is proof of your legacy.

The Progressive Left still hates you in your earthly life, much like one of your heroes, Ronald (I can’t say his middle name) Reagan, and that will make you live forever, and that should make you feel warm all over. I’ve read Eben Alexander’s, A Proof of Heaven so I know where you are and you are in a much better place than the rest of us.

Thank you for fighting the good fight and inspiring millions you couldn’t even imagine. The World is a better place because you graced us with your presence and we’ll all be able to rejoice soon.

The Kansas Kracker