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Considering this Country was founded by rebels maybe we should revisit our past. For the last 100 years or so our country has been lead down the path of destruction by those Progressive piss-ants from the Northeast establishment schools. Sure they passed laws to protect those who funded their business ventures and they protect their own (e.g. skull and bones (Bush vs. Kerry) or go back to the Civil War (Lincoln vs. Douglas) both lawyers for the same company (Illinois Central Railroad). What you weren’t told that in your civics class? Even in 1864 Lincoln ran against General McClellan who at one time also worked for the same outfit (Illinois Central Railroad). Is anyone seeing a conspiracy here? Since at least the 1860’s the whole process is a shame. We had Harding, Coolidge, Eisenhower (war hero) and Reagan (actor who ‘they’ tried to kill) but outside of these few individuals we’ve had the NE elites for the last 150 years. But we have a free election process! Hell, even Jimmy Carter will go to all ends of the Earth to ‘certify’ a dictorship election. Ask yourself, who is he really working for and what do they have on him.