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I see the most productive part of Spain, Catalan. wants to secede. First of all Spain won’t let their cash cow secede without a fight. Second, the EU will form a committee, and then many subcommittees, which will then in several years submit a paper saying how stupid and selfish this region is acting to have the arrogance to form their own government. It will be backed by academia and the media only because the EU can’t control the region. Since they have no balls they will call on NATO to intervene and the region will breakout in a civil war and the press will have a field day. The UN will then opine on the matter and send in blue helmets to suppress the uprising and rape and pillage the inhabitants, while selling the little girls and boys into prostitution to their leaders to fulfill their sick fantasies.

This show of force will be a lesson in theatre and a dry run for the American States to not rebel against Washington D.C., in all her wisdom. On both counts the show of force will fail miserably and from a freedom and liberty stand point, this will be a very good thing.

I hope I’m wrong and it is only a theory but I wish the Catalan people the best in their quest to be free.

The Kansas Kracker