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I remember when Duke University and all her servant professors sold out the University’s Lacrosse team. They all signed the petition before Mike Nifong railroaded these individuals and he ended up living a life of bankruptcy when he lied and was proven wrong. I’m glad these poor souls got some justice and this act by the university is enough for me to never send my kids to this cesspool of progressive liberalism. The University deserved a worse fate but since it is an appendage of the gov’t, it just got a slap on the wrist, shame on you.

PS – Mike Nifong, you sold out your principles to try and gain political power and your Democrat base turned on you. Remember, they always sell out their own. To Duke U, Fuck U as you got what you deserved and the punishment should have been much greater. We should never send our children out to these vultures at Duke U or those Poison Ivy League prisons Institutions.

Granted, if you are Alec Baldwin (leftist to the core) then you can rail on blacks/African Americans and never be held accountable by the Progressive, Liberal MSM. After all, the left (Democrat Andrew Jackson) forcibly moved native Americans (not Pale Face Elizabeth Warren), FDR – Jap Americans and don’t forget the KKK is a subsidiary of the DNC. Now you may understand why Alec Baldwin gets a free hall pass. Read your history, just not those textbooks provided by the gov’t in those gov’t sanctioned schools like Duke University or your local district that hand out Honor Roll bumper stickers like candy.

If you can only remember one thing the DNC hates Black people (The DNC is home of the KKK and Planned Parenthood). You might say BHO is black but I say he is paid a large sum of money and he doesn’t care and never has, just look at his actions. Actually no one cares in DC.

The Kansas Kracker