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The established Republicans have long forgotten the independent voters. Now CPAC says so long to Pamela Geller. I say to the Republicans go to hell. In the last two elections you have given us the sellout John McCain who will get down on his knees at every opportunity to appease BHO (who I gather likes guys (Reggie Love) who get on their knees) at any chance and Mitt who I’m sure got paid a hell of a lot of money to look like a viable candidate to go against BHO, George Soros and the corrupt voting process.

The voting process in the US is such a joke. We have one Ivy League Prick vs. Another. Both long pre-selected to make things continue for the status quo and the media is in on the ruse. Screw you all as I’m done voting in the fraudulent Federal elections and will only vote for the pre-selected piss-ants on my local ballet, which is a smaller version of the larger scam.


The Kansas Kracker