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What can I say? Another dictator goes the way of all his victims. Am I sad? No. But none the less I feel sorry for his heirs. Why? I don’t know. I’m sure as much as he raped the populace (the heirs) are rich beyond their wildest dreams (I’ll let the populace determine their fate). Arafat did the same to the “Palestinians”. You know the fake people that never existed that belong to the Jordan, The Turks and anyone else that failed to claim them after selling them out.

I’m sure Sean Penn and Danny Glover are crying tonight but that is about it. Jimmy Carter and the UN are now planning who will take control of the oil and the drug trade. This is just a set back with Castro knocking on death’s door, and about to take his dirt nap. Who is the next Latin Dictator who can kill and imprison his own people that will be elected and certified by the one and only Christian, Jimmy Carter?

I don’t know much about Venezuela but that some guy who promised the moon to the people met his fate. As in the USA this is how it goes down. Some politician promises the poor they will never pay taxes so they steal from the rich to give the poor (Robin hood tax) but yet at the same they increase the number of the poor through gov’t pograms. So the poor vastly outnumber the production class and believe in the promises of the elected leader. As more people are designed to come onto the welfare rolls to create a fool proof election majority, the process repeats itself. You know an election that can’t be screwed over by electronic voting ballots. To not challenge the ruse, you bring in Jimmy Carter (the Democrat President of Prosperity from the late 70’s) and call it good. So, The Kansas Kracker asks who is the next dictator of Venezuela that Jimmy signs off on and how much does he get paid by the UN for his blessing?

Of course elected and supported by the UN, her only purpose is to support the drug trade only becomes clearer by the day. I guess we now know why the US invaded Afghanistan, because of the drug network and ironically the Vatican is having a new election. When I went through school I thought DARE had a positive message, and they do, they just never looked at their masters in DC and beyond who do the opposite and enrich themselves. If you control the drugs, you control everything. Think of the Godfather.

I ask because if you think of The Godfather, the mafia and the gov’t provided and promised the same things and ironically the mafia did it better. So then ask yourself why the gov’t continues to try and get rid of the gangs today and your conclusion should be they are in competition and running the same protection rackets.

The Kansas Kracker