Today Hugo Chavez died. Teddy Kennedy loved the guy and perhaps they are reunited in the afterlife. The Kansas Kracker opines on the irony…”The perk of Heaven is the lack of politicians”…..

I always find if funny that those people whose job relies on the State never criticize the State (teachers, gov’t officials, etc..) If the State is so great why can’t you opine in the negative? I’ve read John Taylor Gatto so from a teacher stand point I understand but no one should be afraid to opine if they work for the people.

Everyone is afraid in our current state of affairs and rightfully so. Our gov’t is the albatross that is broke and we all need to find a way out. Washington, Jefferson, Adams and the like could never envisioned the venom the Poison Ivy League system would espouse on the populace.

The Kansas Kracker