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I see that the States of Washington and Colorado maybe violating the UN’s laws according to some blowhard bureaucrats from the UN. I say good for you, and now you have to reduce your State income taxes to zero and succeed from the Union and your mutiny will be complete.

The fact that the UN opines on US matters shows that they are nothing, and have never been anything but a corrupt global entity that protects the status quo, just like the US gov’t who serves to only protect extremely large business interest, via the lobbyists. You know, everything Adam Smith said was wrong with England.
So why do they care if the States approve pot? Because, they aren’t getting tax revenue and can’t control the market. That is the purpose of why the UN was set up in the first place. To tax progress and to destroy businesses that help consumers that say f**k with the status quo. All you need is a PHd in bureaucracy and you have a seat at the UN and on the side can teach at most of the corrupt universities and then receive a Nobel prize in some useless field.

The UN is the ultra-government body set up to protected the modern day mafia (gov’t). The Protestant US couldn’t stand for the Irish Catholics to run the same scams the gov’t was trying to run so they had to rub them out. This is why the gov’t set out to destroy the Catholic Italian mafia. WWII got in the way but after that, with blessing of the Poison Ivy League schools the autobahn of the US was set for the protected class. Since that time the gov’t and protected (merchantilistic) business class have had the back of one another. The lower class (proletariat, low information voter) have always been the target of the gov’t/political class who is comprised of both, sellout Republicans and Democrats, and want them to vote for their own demise.

Today, we are on a precipice and that is why the gov’t/political class wants to approve the illegal aliens for voting privileges to tilt the balance of power. There is zero difference between the Whores of Washington and I repeat no one should vote for these Democrat and Republican chameleons as they can never be trusted. We have to repeal the 17th amendment to bring any sanity back to American Politics. There may be a small caveat in my theory because of the Tea Party elects of Rand Paul and Ted Cruz but only time will tell. If we don’t, then the Republic is lost.

Really, I think the UN and governments everywhere just wants to control the drug trade so then they can control the people.

The Kansas Kracker