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80% of High School New York graduate can’t read? Say it ain’t so Joe. I can’t fathom that a bunch of kids who are forced to go to a gov’t concentration camp in NY City can’t read. Pink Floyd was correct when they penned their wonderful piece the Wall…Hey, Teacher, leave that kid alone…Didn’t this also happen in Detroit. I live in KC and our school system is awful and across the state in St. Louis it is atrocious, and that is why the state runs the system, not that I approve of that. Then our precious Republic has the likes of Cleveland, Philly, Pittsburgh, LA, SF, Seattle, and so many other enclaves that always vote in the majority for the DNC.

How can this be? Are the children being led astray in these gov’t ran classrooms? Has anyone heard of John Taylor Gatto, let alone read his manifesto? Why do the parents buy into this plague of lies? Is it for the prestige of an honor roll bumper sticker (LMAO)?

Our gov’t has bankrupted our society both morally and financially. Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security are nothing but a Ponzi scheme and a bunch of empty promises. Now we have gov’t mandated healthcare which will only improve efficiency by killing off the poor, elderly, blacks (via Planned Parenthood) and those who live too long and cause greater payment outputs? The writing is on the wall but like all trained subjects we choose to ignore the obvious.

The Kansas Kracker