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DHS, yes The Department of Homeland Security (what an Orwellian name) lost out to the one and only Judicial Watch who actually wants to protect our homeland. Remember, the DHS was set up under Bush, the Ivy League grad (like his pappy and his pappy before him) to serve the interest of the political class and punish the people for the inaction of the politically correct bureaucrats in DC.

Judicial Watch is one of those great organizations who fights for liberty and freedom and in this instance they proved the Leviathan wrong and threw mud on Janet Napolitano’s face. For that we thank you as you proved the Leviathan cares nothing for the laws they pass and will ignore them if politically expedient. In this case the gov’t releases illegal immigrants and doesn’t want the press to inform the public, I’m sure to protect the homeland (very Russian and Germanic circa 1941). Next thing you know they’ll punish the rating agencies for downgrading the gov’t debt by calling them unpatriotic and Enemies of the State. But I guess Janet N. is looking out for the UN and other globalist entities so they can have their own Lebensraum, and treat Americans like the Russians treated Polish citizens.


The Kansas Kracker