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I loved that Rand Paul showed some guts and took on the Republican Rear Guard (John McCain and Lindsey Graham) who only serve to protect the Progressives in the Gov’t. These two should be named Judas after their many actions of the past. Sure, McCain served honorably but ever since he made it to the Senate all he wants is his 30 pieces of Ag (Ag is a Chemistry reference to the Periodic Table, or as I refer to it as God’s Palette, for silver, I’m just putting it out there for all you DNC Humanities graduates). LIndsey Grahamnesty is another sellout that long sold out the people for his 30 pieces. At least Judas had the decency to hang himself, but these two, like many of their peers in the Senate continue to hang on to screw over the people.

These two, though there are many others, are poster children for why the 17th amendment should be repealed, but there is good evidence it is hard to repeal something that was never passed.

History is an illusion that is only supported by gov’t approved textbooks.

The Kansas Kracker