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In Washington D.C., the town that rewrites history on a daily basis, they now want to change the name of their local NFL team, the Washington Redskins. I have to ask, why are the liberal progressives so keen on whitewashing history, a racist term if there ever was one, whitewashing that is? The DNC is home of the KKK, yet the blacks vote Democrat at least 90% of the time. Why? It can only be explained by the Stockholm Syndrome of the captive being held hostage and feeling guilt toward his captors.

In this case, does DC want to change the name to what would be PC? Should the Washington Nationals be called The Washington Assholes and the same for the Redskins. It is fitting and something that all of America should support (the Asshole name that is) but at the same time be up in arms about, but that is another government violation I won’t touch in this post

At first they were called Redskins because they worked outside every day, not trapped in a cubicle or office like most Americans of European decent, so know should we call them the Washington Ivy League Pale Faces? Their (The Redskin name) alleged pejorative name was red because they got sunburned because they did an honest day of work outside; it is not an offensive reference but one of reverence to another day and time which give reference to Al Gore’s nature God (If he ever saw a wild deer I’d be surprised). The pale faces of today’s corporate world, and those progressive European Anglo decedents, shouldn’t feel ashamed for the original naming of the NFL team but they should be wrought with guilt for this renaming scheme. They won’t because they want to rewrite history yet again to absolve their guilt to fit their historical narrative. This is no different than when North Dakota, wrongly, voted to change the name of their school from the fighting Sioux to the lazy Democrats, with a jackass as their mascot.

What is next out of DC? Giving the Jap-Americans land to open casinos under the corporate, or better yet the not for profit banner YellowRiver.org? I throw the pejorative term out there because of the assets illegally seized by that wonderful Progressive Democrat President we call FDR that is never questioned in the government approved historical textbooks, but it won’t happen because they faithfully vote jackass so there is zero need to buy them out.

Just some simple Kansas Kracker thoughts, think about it (Yeah, in this argument I’m in favor of one minority over another but fully support both. Some leftist simple argument of racist just doesn’t hold true, as the DNC is full of the vilest racist people known to man, and that is karma but the exploited seem to always vote for their master and this is something I’ll never be able to figure out).

God Bless the World,

The Kansas Kracker