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I see www.infowars.com posted an article on a women being arrested in the free state of New Jersey for quoting the US Constitution, which is ran by that loveable freedom lover, Chris Christie. As they say prior to communion, “this is a foretaste of the feast to come,” but I guess the church means for the rest of America and not the Glory of God (ironically today the State has morphed into a God).

What, some lady doesn’t want a gov’t bureaucrat or a hired contractor, probably related to a gov’t official on a no bid gov’t contract, snooping around their property so the gov’t can then tax them more? I’m shocked why the lady would dare question the wisdom of her local bureaucratic den of thieves.

The next step of the process is that the gov’t can then use the stolen/confiscated money through force of taxation and threat to hire gov’t educated teachers (K – whatever) to ‘reeducate’ the children at some 9 month gov’t concentration camp about all the benefits of gov’t largeness and the ignorance of their parents towards the new tomorrow.

This process will repeat itself for generations until the time that the Republic turns into a bureaucratic ran paradise of self-destruction. [ed note. This does not represent today in the good old USA (gun to head – Pravda Publications)].

The Kansas Kracker