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I don’t know what to believe about this but I love when two pompous progressive POS leftists, like Al ‘Jihad’ Gore and Keith ‘I worship dollars’ Olbermann bicker about money and try and destroy each other in a commie civil war. I love how idiot leftist (mostly naïve college BS graduates) believe, or should I say choose to ignore, that both Al ‘my dad is a racists like me’ Gore and Keith ‘I’m down for the progressive cause’ Olbermann hate money and corporations, but use corporate law to enrich themselves (like all progressive liberals). I guess their followers suffer from John Edward’s syndrome.

I actually have more respect for those three, than those idiot Poison Ivy League and second tier humanities college graduates (I really had to bite my tongue but it is true). I only wish academia would use them as case studies to show the students how stupid they are to believe that corporations and not the government are evil when behind the scenes they are on their knees like prostitutes begging for cash from anyone who listens. Oh the irony.

The Kansas Kracker