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I’m shocked that MSNBC likened the Vatican to the Communist Party. The Communist Party is an open book, never intending to deceive their readers, unlike the most transparent President in US History, Barry Hussein Obama, the favored choice of the State Department (Whose subsidiaries include the unaccountable taxpayer funded Poison Ivy League UN club called the Peace Corps – of which Barry’s mom was apart of).

I find Communism/Fascism/Socialism actually funny forms of government that lead to mass death always supported by academia. Then the children grow up learning that ‘green’ living and early death is good for the environment, which ironically are all supported by gov’t approved textbooks and scientists who live under different social, insurance and pension constraints and then actually profit (capitalistic in nature) under said centralized markets.

Just remember when growing up and when mom and dad die that gov’t isn’t only good it is great.

The Kansas Kracker