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You can’t make this stuff up. In the Progressive enclave of Madison and the State of Wisconsin we have this news about White Privilege Wristbands. I guess if you are a white progressive liberal you have privileges because you get elected or your hired by some gov’t bureaucracy to dole out funds because of family connections, but for some of us we go to work and pay taxes to a vengeful gov’t that uses those funds to continually attack us for our beliefs (are we underwriting our own demise?), that will never conform to gov’t academic standards. For once in America I’m in the minority and so now I demand a new set of rights against the hated US Gov’t and demand the blue helmets of the UN invade to enforce my new minority privileges.

Hell, I don’t want that, as it would only lead to a massacre, but then again the UN could borrow some ammo from the DHS. And who would have thought that having ‘White Privilege Wristbands’ enacted by the benevolent state would lead to anarchy? I guess the (yellow) Livestrong bands are racist against Asian people, but I didn’t hear them cry foul or is it fowl

The Kansas Kracker