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I used to be a believer in the American Political System but after the last four elections and the advent of electronic voting I don’t think I’ll ever vote for a presidential candidate again. I’m old enough to realize that my K-12 and college ‘experience’ was done to only prepare me for a life in a cubicle (read http://www.JohnTaylorGatto.com)

Obviously there is a reason the youth are trained to go to gov’t education centers ‘schools’ for all those years but the parents are paid off by bumper stickers with the words, ‘Honor Roll’. Can’t we just let children be kids? In the old days they “the children’ worked and learned a trade and now they are just subjects that work for the State or are trained from K-college to show their loyalty to some huge multi-national who exists because of the State or some not for profit who exists because of the State.
We all know America is in a crazy place but the light at the end of the tunnel tells us that everywhere is in a sad state, because gov’t has reduced us to a life of ants the globe over. Gov’t, in every society, has bankrupted the people in every land they have touched and will for the foreseeable future, China, India, UN, EU and the countries of North America. It is funny that the Bible tells us everything Midas touched turned to gold but everything the modern day governments (The New God) touches turns to Nuclear Radiation.
Their Ponzi retirement schemes, gov’t ran healthcare, the supposed benevolency of the UN whose goal is to kill all living creatures like their gov’t subsidiaries to ‘go green’. You can barely win unless you pledge your allegiance not to a flag but to a bunch of lunatics educated by, ironically, a bunch of lunatics.
The USA, like the rest of the world, has turned into a cesspool of plutocrats educated by the same protected corrupt academia, and now we represent the best the USSR had to offer in 1952 or 1972. The UN is happy because they offer the same dismal outlook for society and relish in the number of people they can kill to offset their ‘green’ credits while they enrich themselves.
So I ask, why do people even listen to their governments? They all lie all the time but yet the people still have faith in the false Democracy, I call God. God is real and Democracy is a false hope in false God and if you only open your eyes and ears you’d realize that Gov’t is nothing more than a false God full of false promises.
WWI and WWII should prove this point that you can never trust the gov’t but yet in all conquered countries and those who won, the proletariats who die in mass always turn their eyes and allegiance to their next supposed protector. Then, those preselected Poison Ivy League plutocrat politicians who enrich themselves, families and classmates by staying in in power and going along with the status quo, willing to sell out the next wave of influential masses. At the end of the day you can never trust the gov’t or any or her spokespeople. At the end of the day the people are warming up to this idea and they wouldn’t have too if DC would do what they are told.
So I’m done. My wife will probably still vote as she is an immigrant and believe more so in the American System more so than the Eastern Bloc charade, but this native born American is done with the games and the democratic conspiracy. I’ll vote for the State, County, City etc. elected officials but never again, since the 17th amendment was falsy passed, I’m done with the fake games of an ‘honest’ presidential election. I bet the world all the money the 2016, 2020, 2024, 2028 etc elections will be between two Poison Ivy League grads beholden to the behind the scene forces. And in the immortal words of William Wallace, I say seek….Freeeeeeeddddddoooooom.

The Kansas Kracker.

PS – Perhaps I may be wrong. I think Ted Cruz (the Hispanic Canadian) is a good guy but he went to Harvard for is his act all for show (one must question everyting) or is he a true rebel (and not all Poison Ivy League grads are sell outs? Or is he like Rand Paul or Allen West and you can find a few patriots that still roam the halls of Congress to this day? Today is no different than when Washington or Jefferson took the helm, there are enemies everywhere and allies in the shadows and it is hard to trust anyone but if I can pick three it is Allen West, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul (The modern day Washington, Jefferson and Madison (maybe not in that order). Just remember, if CNN or MSPMS supports a candidate then they are your rival and not to be trusted and these three have that in common.