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Once again the House of Representative’s leading Republican showed his much aligned admiration towards the White House and gives Obama his two thumbs up of ‘absolute’ trust; I’d say that John Boehner may have just committed political Hara-kiri. I find it ironic that the proletariat hates the pompous plutocrat politicians of both parties and the leaders of both parties continue to, as they say, crap on the people as s*it rolls down the hill, while working in cahoots to continue to screw us all over.

It is time for the Republican old guard to go to pasture, for too many times they’ve rolled over like lap dogs to maintain their cash flow as politicians at the expense of the people. Hell, it is time for all the bastards of DC to go but that would make for boring theatre. We as a nation need the old horses to slowly migrate to the glue factory to spread out the torment and anguish of all these ‘patriots’ leaving their final post.

The Ivy League ran newspapers and magazines can run their fictionalized sob stories to try and hold onto sales as long as possible to fund their support for the next herd of supposed patriots who will defend the people with the battle cry of Democracy.

Hopefully good bye and good riddance John and enjoy your overpaid taxpayer supported Congress voted on Congressional pension.

The Kansas Kracker