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A new report by the AP says in 30 years whites will be a minority, I cannot wait for this day to happen. All this time I thought that the billion plus Chinese and likewise with the Indians (Asian continent) would put them over the top, but due to government math errors and white liberal guilt we are still holding strong as the rapists of Mother Earth (Ed Note: I’m really more of a light peach to be honest and not albino [white – I find it to be a pejorative but I can find no one who will hear my arguments) but in my younger days tanned very well]. Ironically, I’m not even including the Arabs, the Africans (Black or Arab), all the other Asian populations or even south of Oklahoma to the tip of South America.

Also, the only reason English is the number one spoken language is because of the Indians (continent Asia via the English Isles), but I’d think Spanish and Mandarin are right up there. I would also like to add that most white (Kracker) people food sucks outside of Eastern Europe, French and my hat tip to the English for contributing fish and chips in a drunken stupor.

Based on this report, my kids won’t get scholarships but my grandkids will, so I have that to look forward to, plus all the new UN granted rights for minorities. I guess things are looking up.

The Kansas Kracker