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Today I went out and checked on my truck and realized I was a victim of an Obama voter (aka someone who wants something they haven’t earned). You have to realize, I’m part of the ‘responsible’ class (A person who spends less than he makes, aka a Dave Ramsey follower). The truck I bought in college in 1998 and paid off in 2000 and still own today, was broken into in the last couple of weeks was because I’m too cheap and haven’t overbought on a house that has a 3rd car garage (like most of the kracker white guilt liberal voters). From that standpoint I was susceptible for a break-in.

The person that broke into it probably doesn’t realize that he/she was an Obama voter but the local DNC machine will make sure he/she, even though caught and prosecuted with a felony conviction, will have their vote(s) cast for them in their absence.

Though I feel violated, I encourage my entire audience to still listen or read Dave Ramsey but I still ask the Lord to forgive the person for coveting his neighbors possessions by trying to steal my old lady. Unlike most Westerners, I wasn’t upside down on my vehicle, since I’ve owned it outright for the last 12 years, but I do love her (much to the shenanigans of the OWS movement). It makes the crime by an Obama supporter a little easier to digest when the bank doesn’t have a note on my liability. In this one instance I’m not a slave to the State like I am in my everyday life, but I can bet the person that did this has already been processed and released by the forgiving State after living comfortably, outside of the jail showers, for several years.

The lesson in this attempted theft is to listen to Dave Ramsey and learn from his mistakes, as I still have plenty to clean up in my life but he has made my life much more manageable. Put your trust in God, as the State will always let you down.

The Kansas Kracker