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Michael Bloomberg has the White House written all over him, as now tobacco is taboo. This is what our country needs is another Poison Ivy League dictator with czars and such who will tell us the proper way to tie our shoes. Why should the common man even suggest to these omnipotent politicians how to run an apple stand when they have run our greatest cities into the ground over the last century?

If the ‘politicians’ are already omnipresent with their regulations and decrees and if they are going to ‘fix’ things they’ve lied about in the past, then why should we forgo our criticism and let them do their Ivy League thing over and over again? Mr. Bloomberg went to the Poison Ivy League, like Bush and Obama (and so many before them) so by default he should be in on the next Presidential Fight card against another former Ivy Leaguer, and will probably win, after all the game is rigged.
The Ivy League has done such a great job of country management I think another round would only be logical. Say good bye to Pizza Hut, Pepsi, Taco Bell, Papa Johns, Coca-Cola, Jimmy Johns, Subway, McDonalds, Burger King, Wendys, Papa Murphys, and many other fine corporate institutions who have for years paid protection money to the Washington whores to provide a convenience for the masses.

Michael Bloomberg is the politician of the future. He is making his bones telling the people what they can and cannot do. You breath too much so you must be killed, you drank too much soda you must be killed, you used a salt shaker you must be killed. This I pray to God won’t win him the Presidency of the US but it will put him on the path to the UN global leadership if only he can abort more children than the Chinese, oh how Mararet Sanger must be proud. Bureaucrats love to tell the people how to the live their lives but never question their own hypocrisy. They are nothing but a bunch of liars and thieves, just like union reps who live high on the hog while stealing from the “convinced/ignorant” government educated working man. Do I feel sorry for union labor? No, I only feel sorry for them for not having the courage to represent themselves and to not question those who steal from them, their ‘supposed reps’ and where the money ultimately ends up in Democratic coffers.

The Kansas Kracker