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So now CVS wants your health vitals. I guess they are the guinea pigs for the next generation government ran healthcare. You can’t trust the government, you can’t trust the CDC and you can’t trust your insurer, so who do you trust?

We have a Big Gov’t/Big Pharma alliance who have been unaccountable for decades. When I grew up, not too long ago, we had zero crazy ‘autistic’ kids, but now the count is through the roof. Why? What is the common denominator and I’d on the surface point to vaccines or some other gov’t required program just based on the principle of observation. Will the trial lawyer sharks prosecute, probably not as the gov’t is the one who protects their industry and some subjects are just off limits, though Big Pharma pays their tribute every now and then.

Why are there zero autistic Amish children? Is it because they drink raw milk? Why is the gov’t sending SWAT teams into (Mennonite) places that produce natural raw milk straight from the source, did they violate the joke of the Commerce Clause? Is meth less important to prosecute, or are Big corporation/Big dairy calling the shots which result in producers of organic products being falsy prosecuted to protect their position by labeling small producers as being the #1 Enemy of the State?

I have to laugh in an ironic way that we throw young black Americans in jail for possessing weed, a natural substance, and raw milk Mennonite producers, also a natural substance, in jail for possession of something the government can’t control. But I guess that is the whole purpose of the War on Drugs. If the government can’t control it and their protected benefactors can’t profit then it must be outlawed. But that is the purpose of any law passed in this Bureaucratic day and age and has been for some time, if you doubt me read the Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith.

Remember, these are the same people who pass these archaic laws that say gov’t ran schools are good for the masses but those who vote refuse to send their own offspring and you have to wonder why. What do they know that the rest of us do not? So I ask to you all, what else are they (Bureaucrats and Politicians) lying to us about?

Recently, my kid had Influenza A and the nurse bureaucrat at CVS was doing her job and lectured my wife to get the rest of the family the shot, which by the way would not be effective for two weeks, Why? Probably to increase their (CVS) bottom line, which is fine, but not if they knew the whole process was giant CDC scam, which is what the flu shot is. Did anyone else in the family get the flu, No, so is the Big Pharma paid rep at CVS worth listening too? Probably not, but now I’m going to Walgreens until they pull the same shit, then I’ll just die and be done with the Bureaucratic Red Tape.

The Kansas Kracker