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I see now that DHS, the parent company of TSA, wants to spy on the average American citizen for 24/7 without a warrant, the 4th amendment be damned, after all we are now all zombies of their own creation. So once again Washington, in all her arrogance, says damned be to the US Constitution and the rule of law as we (Gov’t) are the modern day God, the alpha and the omega, the giver of life and the destroyer (aka Obamacare with the help of Planned Parenthood).

I guess 9/11 happened because of Joe Smith in Nebraska playing ‘Angry Birds’ and not because of a bunch of Poison Ivy League pricks, via some gov’t agency decided to meddle in affairs that had no concern to them but to enrich themselves at the expense of their fellow country men and women, whom they could then blame and tax for their failed expeditions.

So who pays the price for the Poison Ivy League Bureaucracy that runs our lives based on events from their own incompetence? It is the proletariat class who shoulders the burden and you wonder why Atlas Shrugged. While after all, they won’t blame themselves and their fellow Ivy League conspirators so they take it out on the rest of us in the name of patriotism. They have bankrupted this country over the last 100 years to enrich themselves and that battle cry will continue until the people realize that government is the virus (black death plague) that has infected us all and the false inoculating agent is the school system.

Beware of the Bureaucrats as they will come for your wealth and then for your soul.

The Kansas Kracker