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Rahm Emanuel, the preeminent White Liberal Progressive (Democrat) Politician, decides to close some poor black schools. Since the end of the Civil War, the white Democrat politician has declared war on the poor blacks of America and today Chicago continues this long tradition of inequality.

Remember America it was those ‘racist’ white Republicans who passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and not those segregationist like Al Gore’s father (Democrat), who strongly opposed the legislation. I know Republicans get a bad name in the gov’t controlled Ivy League supported racist press, but you have to understand your leaders sold you out long ago for the almighty dollar.

Every former great blue collar American city today has been purposely politically created and designed to be ran by minority ghettos at the behest of the DNC so they could be controlled by the Negro and other minority populations that exist to this day. They (political subdivisions) created laws to enslave the minority fathers in prisons and to control the prison unions so the mothers could raise the fatherless children on the government dime and on his influence. The local Democrat machine controls the press and the gov’t obligated by providing debit cards, section 8 and utility credits and a plethora of other ‘benefits’ all for the sake of a vote to retain political power at the social unrest. This scam has gone on for at least a 100 years but the alcohol at the party is running out.

The ghetto inhabitants are realizing that their supposed (white and black) masters have played them for the fool for a very long time and today’s living standards are a keen to Camp Douglas all those years ago and in both cases they’ve been played the fool.

Times are a changing

The Kansas Kracker