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What a joke this man “Al Gore” has become, as he kind of reminds me of John Edwards with all his hypcoricsy and despiration.  First his wife left him because he thought he could be as smooth as his mentor Bill Clinton; however, in all there time together he never put the pieces together that Hillary played for the other team, unlike the ex Mrs. Gore. 

Then, he decides to sell his failing TV channel to Al Jazeera for a huge amount of money which just proves what a sham (theatre) global governance, transparency and gloabal finance truely is. It is nothing but a coup of a bunch of Poison Ivy League, London School of Economics/Cambridge/Oxford elites that exists in this world and who want to control it and I’ll add in the past did well but their time is up as the world is fragmented and on the verge of eruption, due to their hubris.

It seems that everytime this man speaks or the AGW crowd protests, God the Almighty throws his humor at them, which happened again today. Now, Great Britian is in the throws of such unseasonably cold weather the gov’t arm of academia can only cry wolf and the Midwest in the USA is bearing down with another Spring Blizzard.

If anyone is causing ‘man made…aka AGW’ global warming it is the blowhard politicians like Al Gore or his buddy Joe Biden who raped the American taxpayers for over a cool million in two nights in London and Paris. The Progressive Liberal would call me anti-tax, which I am, but I’m pro BureaucraticSlave tax: which is one that taxes the politicians and buearucrats out of their own pocket whenever they travel or utter nonsense.

If we are every going to see the New Age of Enlightenment, Freedom and Liberty, we’ll first have to quit underwriting our own demise by passing over ‘taxes’ that these bastards use against us by creating State Shackles (laws) that are used to bind us all into wage slaves.

The Kansas Kracker