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Dr. Ben Carson is a gentleman that everyone can relate to and he is a man who actually has honor, accountability and integrity and could be the first President since Reagan, to live in the White House, that we can hold in such esteem. I know Reagan was hated by the left because he was an ex-Commie but Mr. Carson will be hated by the left because he is a Conservative Black American, like Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams. If there is one thing white Liberal Progressive Americans hate, it is a Black Conservative America, just look at how they treated/lynched Clarence Thomas and Condoleezza Rice in their battle cry for diversity (oh how they hate opinions that differ from theirs). That being said, the Progressive Liberal Left has already started to tar and feather and call Dr. Ben Carson an Uncle Tom as MSNBC and the NY (unreadable) Times, published their hit pieces on the one Black (African American) who was born in the USA by two Black parents. His dad left him and his mom, who could barely read, raised him and his siblings by herself but she convinced to them do what she could not and the world is a better place because of her determination.

This goes against the ‘accepted’ narrative of the privilege meme of BHO being born of an affluent white mother and a father with ties to the government of Kenya. If this is true we do not know, as Jack Cashill has laid out it sounds more like BHO’s father is the late communist Frank Marshall Davis. Who is BHO? For one he is a politician so we know he is a fraud, but many people have been protecting him from his start. Why? What is the end game and who (The Poison Ivy League alumni) is doing the protecting. Again, it is the Democrats who have protected this guy from his immaculate conception and have provided his unfiltered path to success. BHO is no Ben Carson, as Ben Carson is real and has saved many lives and that in itself makes him a Conservative individual. The Democrats are all about death and do so via Planned Parenthood and the Euthanasia that will occur ever more frequently under Obamacare. If the gov’t can’t kill you for your benefits, I’m sure some form will be developed to convince the offspring to say good-bye to grandma in the promise of more faux dollars that will come their way if they hurry up with the signatures. It is a sad state of affairs that we have come too but truly understand all the promises of the unfunded liabilities that will kill us, came from those compassionate assholes we call Progressive Liberal Democrats.

Even in Death the Government won’t leave us alone and the Government is ran by a bunch of Progressive Liberal Assholes and that in itself should make you question everything government, especially schooling, which is nothing but the training/indoctrination/acceptance of government being an omnipotent and omnipresence God.

The Kansas Kracker

P.S. – And you wonder why the DHS (American SS) purchased all those rounds of ammo

P.S.S. – By the way, my first federal vote went to Alan Keyes, so I voted for a Black American long before the DNC supported academia and the likes of Al ‘Jihad Jizah’ Gore thought it was in vogue. I also voted for Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck in 2000 and that too was the proper vote, so I’m just throwing that out there since the Democrats love to cry racism even though their leading stock came from the KKK (If you aren’t convinced then look into Al Gore’s dad and Bill Clinton’s mentor and you won’t like what you’ll find, but I’m sure you can convince yourself if just isn’t true, and that is what makes you a good ‘liberal’). The likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson long ago sold out their own people for DNC money an that is what makes them perfect Democrats, it is too bad their people won’t look into their past, but we have the DNC controlled educational system to thank for that. Why do you think Obama is against DC vouchers?