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I know George Washington wasn’t perfect, hell he said it himself, which shows how good of a leader he was for admitting his imperfections, but today the D.C (District of Columbia) has morphed into Dysfunctional Communism. Our Poison Ivy League System (via Cambridge, Oxford and the London School of Economics) has been influenced and has been inundated by Marx’s philosophy (which came to be after George Washington and the Founding Fathers came about) for too long and has been a virus that has infected generations of children the world over, which has resulted in more death than the world could handle.

Ironically but with no surprise, Planned Parenthood and the Euthanasia movement have been fully supported and embraced by government and her involuntary tax payer funded academic allies the world over who have long supported mass death in the battle cry of a perfect world to save Mother Earth (aka Al ‘Jihad Jizha’ Gore and all the UN bureaucrat who live high on the hog and want a carbon tax to further enrich themselves at the expense of the ignorant government educated masses).

Marx was nothing but an academic who ironically was supported by Engels who came from a wealthy family and between the two, they have reaped hell on Earth of which can only make the Devil himself smile. If only the average citizen of the world would realize the death count these people have caused could they then fix the world and it would become a better place, but as long as the UN and the existing plutocrats are in charge, they will continue to do damage to protect their interests and death will be the status quo, and all in the name of saving the environment.

The Kansas Kracker