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This is a website that never takes into account why God supports Israel. This website is stuck on Marx and Lenin, both lay Jews, but seems to support to carry the lies of the Elders of Zion through to their conclusion. I’ve never seen a website that says why does the State of Israel exist and has fought back and succeeded against all odds? That can never be explained.

They are defending an arid land that only they could make prosperous. Why can’t the Arabs leave them alone? Why does the UN, EU and the USA have to chime in about their past failures. The faux Palestinians could have had a State but said no all those years ago so the criminal politicians could talk about the poor oppressed people whom they created ghettos for all those years ago for political gains by blaming, Israel. Hell, look to the US as every great city we the people created is now a den for progressive liberal incompetence and this is their plan for the world, straight out of the best and brightest schools the world over. You know, the ones that gave the world the Clintons, Bushes and Obamas. Just remember how bad the ‘intellectual left’ hated Reagan and then you’ll know how good he truly was. Above all else, never trust an Ivy League Grad, especially one in bed with the government.

The Kansas Kracker

P.S. The Jews of Israel have my support and always will. I can’t believe that the left, who claims to love all minorities continues to throw you all under the bus for the sake of Mideast Oil, which supports their gravy train. After all, hypocrisy is the founding principle of socialism/communism.