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I’ve said in the past that I think Assad is being thrown to the wolves because he won’t attack Israel. Once Syria falls then Jordon is next but the problem is the Egyptians aren’t falling in line under the Obama/DNC supported Muslim Brotherhood. The CIA under Reagan was evil according to the NY Times and other liberal press rags but nary a word since 2009 when their global shenanigans hit the back page once the One was supposedly elected.

Why you ask? The press was the perfect check and balance to a corrupt government (A Jeffersonian ideal – to the ill-informed government educated high school and college grads, he was the 3rd President of the US but since you can’t read from you government ran education you wouldn’t know, let alone read a litany of his memorable quotes), but once the two illicit lovers climbed into bed with one another, only the people get forcibly screwed without the benefit of Astroglide.

My point is why the cover up in Libya? Why does the Dept. of Injustice and Eric Holder skate on their operations? You know the same department that is running guns to Mexico to maybe someday convict some pawn in the fake war on drugs why they steal American owned guns under the guise of child protection, which I assume they’ll then sell the guns to the Arabs for a profit to continue to fund their criminal operations.

So who is profiting from the sale of weapons to rebels in the Middle East that support the Muslim Brotherhood from Libya to Syria? Why is Obama the perfect patsy and what do the powers that be have on him to make him the fall guy? He was groomed, that is obvious from his upbringing, his schooling and his fictionalized history. Is this the end game? The UN and their plethora of anti-Semites hate Israel because of their success and will do anything, including making maps without their existence. The question is why and it all comes down to progressive leftist blood lust.

For one, they hate children (mostly minorities, at least in the USA) so they kill them and create a narrative that it is to protect women via abortion, by the way China and Mao were the training ground planned parenthood humanity projects and I do believe George Bush Sr. went there several times and met with the Chairman of child destruction. Little known to the USA population, John Dewey also went there (China) and to Russia and to Germany and we have a slim idea of the death toll that amounted from these countries utopian ideals, all spread via the mechanism of gov’t schooling. So gov’t mandated schooling must be a great idea? Actually, I blame John “The Destroyer Decimal System” Dewey for the unspeakable mass death toll and stupid governmental ideas than I do Bush Sr., though they come from the same Ivy League background, and the Bushes are heavily involved and profit from the gov’t ran educational boondoggle (aka the common denominator in this sick narrative) so they can’t wipe their hands from the blood that has been spilled.  

Likewise, if you thought Roe vs. Wade was passed for the benefit of women you have it wrong, it was passed so women would vote Democrat for life after feeling the guilt of slaughtering their own offspring. My case is that if the leftist Democrats so loved the blacks, why are 50% of all aborted deaths for black women, when the represent less than 15% of the population but continue to vote for their plantation masters? Read about Margaret Sanger and you’ll find out soon enough that she hated Blacks, Hispanics and Jews (and many more), and that even Adolf Hitler got some of his racial purification ideas from Ms. Sanger and the DNC.

What, your gov’t leftist school didn’t tell you about this, I’m shocked!

Ironically, the Civil Rights Act was passed because of Republicans and not the racists Democrats (Like Al Gore’s father) but over time and with the help of their allies in the media and through schooling (aka indoctrination) they have a legion of reliable voters. That is politics in America and the World in a nut shell, buying off people or creating false memes that have only political purposes of deceiving the masses and grouping one segment of society against another.

So to get back to gun running, yes, I believe that, Obama, via Libya, Eric Holder via the drug cartels and their overall puppet master the DNC (Soros) are probably running guns and cash to the Muslim Bros. Hood and they do this via the drug cartels for money so they can financially support radical Islamic elements who will surround Israel with their sick view of the world. This is the reason for the cover up in Libya while the chess pieces are moved. As history repeats itself, they (the Arabs) again will be destroyed when they attack, but the UN will try and step in and put the entire blame on Israel for using disproportionate force and cry to the press for mercy and the liberal ignorant college student will sign up for the next flotilla.

At the same time, the UN, EU and the DNC are probably profiting from the sale of such arms via shell corporations they claim are evil because they try to avoid taxes but have been purposely set up by both institutions to help the criminal insane bodies in their global conquest, while the uber players enrich themselves. I guess nothing has changed in the last 4000 years.

Oh how I hope southern Europe gets out of the Euro and the EU and sticks it to Brussels. It will make the world a more interesting place.

The Kansas Kracker