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So Jesus is again being thrown to the wolves by the powers that be, as a government paid bureaucrat (professor) told his students to write the name of Jesus on a piece of paper and stomp on it, but then I ask why not Muhammad or Obama (because he is a pussy).

Jesus never preached anything but his love for mankind but leave it to a progressive liberal leftist professor who will always show his/her contempt and ignorance to show their bones to their fellow groupthink colleagues. In this instance the blasphemy is from academia vs. some alphabet soup gov’t agency but both aspire to be a God. This is a 200 year+ story that has a long history of disrespect for the Son of God and Christianity and her followers as the bureaucrats continue their quest to support this meme because they are jealous and envious. Ask yourself why the ‘professor’ didn’t stomp on the name Muhammad or Obama and you have your answer that this guy isn’t avant-garde at all, but nothing but a publicity whore.

This is just another data point of why you should not encourage your child to go to a government ‘accredited’ college and also encourage your children to question everything they were educated ‘told/indoctrinated’ in school. I encourage every individual to read John Taylor Gatto’s work. (Buy it, Read it, Pass it along, as we’ve all been played for fools).

If they (academia) hate the Western world so much, why do they become tenured bureaucrats supported by the theft of funds via involuntary taxes? In this day and age you can’t trust anything the government does, just look at Cyprus. They (the US gov’t and the Democrat founders of all said social programs) have bankrupted this country through the vote buying and false promises of Social (In)security, Medicare, Medicaid, Foodstamps, Section 8, etc… and now we have more BS organizations telling us what is great under State ran Obamacare (I made this up but an HHS official says, ‘The fact your health insurance premium increased just goes to show the program is working,’ and the gov’t educated fools drool and say look how great they (politicians/bureaucrats ) are, they love us. So as Ayn Rand and many people who have immigrated to the US from Commie paradises have pointed out, this country is now ran by the most incompetent people known to man, just like Cuba, Russia, Venezuela and North Korea. Good Luck Grandma and best of luck my fellow slaves.

Just remember, Government isn’t good, it is GREAT!

The Kansas Kracker