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So I will ask what is worse. Is corporate greed bad for providing us with much needed daily services or is government greed worse for providing us with little or no service whatsoever while the bureaucratic benefactors live high on the hog off involuntary taxes confiscated from our hard earned labor? I’ll save the morality argument and the legality of the 16th amendment for another day.

So I’ve long wondered which entity is causing the conflict in society. Is it the individual and/or corporation who provide products and services in a timely manner or the federal government which acts like a tick to the host and hasn’t passed a budget in years and then blames a lack of funds on their own incompetence? The liberal benefactor will call the tick the next cape crusader but as a host I’ll have to disagree. I for one enjoy the efficiency of the car, the airplane, the complexity and choice of the many tires, washers and dryers on the market. I love the benefits of my refrigerator and oven and the fact I can locate any number of items in my local grocery store from many places throughout the world year round. I won’t even go into the wonderful benefits of technology which have made my life far easier than what existed for my forefathers.

The liberal will say none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for the government and the watchful eyes of her sibling bureaucracies which provide safety and legitimacy to all transactions. My rebuttal is if the government was at the first flight of the Wright Brothers the world would be different as the Spitfire would not have been available for the English pilots at the Battle of Britain but then again the Germans wouldn’t of had planes either, as I’m sure helmet, OSHA, and cockpit safety procedures would have caused WWII to happen in the 1970’s, as perceived safety standards would have taken precedent over freedom of the masses in either European country and therefore outlawed the declaration of war. After all a tank without airbags would be immoral and unsafe and against UN protocol, especially for the manufacturer (political benefactor company) of said product.

As a society we like to segment ourselves into proletariat groups, or at least we’ve been taught to do this by our bureaucratic overlords. On the ‘right’ you have the perception that Republicans and their quest for profit via services but the big boys yearn for corporate protection via the government and on the ‘left’ you have the democrats who don’t profit off services but demand a protection fee called taxes and calls it civilized for the basic necessities of humanity in the name of compassion. Ironically and because of government interference in the marketplace, the richest people in the USA like George Soros, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet profit off this same government interference and protection they like to decry at times but they always seem to go against the meme that the rich vote Republican because they always vote Democrat, so where is PSMNBC and CNN crying about the government protected rich democrats hating the little people but they know who butters their bread. And in the middle you have the libertarians, like I, who just says leave us the hell alone as that worked the best in the past and we should outlaw as little as possible.

For example, there is no reason to arrest black men on petty crimes so the DNC can continue their social experiment in minority communities by encouraging single women not to marry but have as many kids as possible to maximize their state ‘entitled benefits’ and if they want to abort then the DNC and planned parenthood will be there for them.
Was it the Republicans who created ghettos? No the Democrats control every major city and have for decades they purposely created them for the following analogy.

Let me lay out an all too typical scenario…For one, the democrat saturated legal field will profit off of legal fees by defending the accused black man who was arrested for having a little Mary Jane. The black man can’t afford Ted Kennedy (Democrat, Massachusetts – redundant I know) type legal counsel so he will go to jail and then the prosecutor will then donate money to the DNC because he is ‘reducing’ crime and will get a state sanctioned bonus that is underwritten by the taxpayer. Also, since the black man has to go to jail there is a prison guard guild and union who profits off the incarceration who will get a percentage of the guard’s salary and the more inmates the more guards and bingo…the more ‘income’. Furthermore, the service industry union who cooks and cleans for the inmates will have to expand their payrolls and therefore union members’ dues will increase and the DNC profits from start to finish.

In the last paragraph I explained how the DNC profits off their subjects and if I was a minority I’d question the motives of my masters, even those of my same background, who too profit off their ‘Uncle Tom’ status but will never be called upon it. They are elected because they sell out their own people and profit off of local allies in the media who give them a free pass due to ignorance spread by their locally supported NEA schools. This whole process was thought up by and implemented successfully by the Lilly White Democratically controlled academic structure over the last several generations and they continue to churn out those who have been convinced that this method will benefit society. This isn’t surprising considering the government controls the child from K-12 and beyond and ever wants more control.

After this long rant, I ask to the world which is worse, the voluntary transaction of a service and the exchange of money from start to finish or the involuntary transaction of a tax that will inevitably be used to underwrite you and your kin’s demise from start to finish with the plantation master profiting from all along the way?

The Kansas Kracker