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I can’t help but think of the irony of a man and his wife who in the controlled media decry the excesses of the Western world but whom in their private life have benefited greatly both personally and professionally from alleged non grievances in their own time but who have anointed themselves royalty that they paralleled the excesses of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.

BHO and Moochelle are Alinskyites and Jacobins in rhetoric only as once they tasted the cocaine of public service they’ve been cashing in their chips at an accelerated pace, all paid for unwillingly and involuntarily by the taxpayers of America. Just like the non-producing Marxists, Alinskyites and Jacobins (really one and the same with different names) They claim they represent the people is as funny as it is comical but the conspirators from the Ivy League educated DNC controlled NY/DC media monopoly is right there on their side with a falsified canned story ready to deceive the masses.

When will the people the revolt, like the proletariat of France? Probably, when the gov’t tries to steal their faux money stuck in their bank accounts. After all is money even real or is a mechanism of control. If Cyprus can steal money from bank accounts at will at the behest of the EU, like Argentina stole from pensions, what is really off limits from the stupidity and mis- management of our benevolent leaders the world over. Ironically, they all have the finest and most finished degrees from the most elitist universities who have been sanction by the State to bestow degrees on said connected graduates. We all know that all government entities and their promises are false and the supra international organizations are bankrupt in their ideals since they are corrupt beyond belief, so what has any value in today’s world? A bureaucrat’s promises or a hand shake between men. I’ll take the latter.

The Kansas Kracker