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The White Liberal Democrats, Robert KKK Byrd must be proud, still can’t give up their racist past. When a black man steps off the plantation they will attack relentlessly like a pack of wolves. What did Dr. Ben Carson, a prodigy from the democrat progressive liberal enclave of wealth and family destruction known as Detroit, do to warrant this hatred and hit pieces from the established progressive white media? He actually questioned the ‘benefits’ of Big Government dictating every second of our lives in front of the Ivy League’s own chosen one, The Obama.

Ever since that day, the teeth and talons of terror extruding from the left have long wanted to taste this brilliant man’s blood. He is a threat to their progressive dynasty and false memes that are fully supported by the DNC daily propaganda machine ran by the Soros Goebbels LLC, State ran Media Monopoly (I believe I’ve properly heard the NYTimes already started firing rounds at him) of CBS, CNN, ABC, NBC, Comedy Central and PSMNBC in the left’s daily quest of bloodshed.

I for one wish you the best in life Dr. Carson and do hope you run for office as you’d be an inspiration for millions, but I also understand if you pack your bags for the Bahamas, as only you can properly articulate the horrors of daring to question our supposedly benevolent bureaucratic tolerant progressive liberal masters.

The Kansas Kracker