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Now the CDC (A gov’t and Big Pharma COOP) have said boys, those pesky SOBs, about 20% have ADHD, whatever the hell that means. After all this time I thought being cooped up in a gov’t ran sanitarium (school) was bad enough but now they have to be medicated.

Sounds like a conspiracy to me. First of all, there is probably nothing wrong with your child, they are just reacting to the hand they were dealt. They know they don’t belong in a closed environment being told about false fantasies of government largeness and not being able to be the slightest bit aggressive without being labeled a sex offender. They know deep down they’ve been fed a bag of shit for years.

To the parents, don’t feel bad, society today is about purple ribbons of participation and not about greatness, just succumb and be happy you get an honor roll bumper sticker like everyone else. After all, society is about conformity and not about excellence. Don’t be selfish, if your kid excels at something he or she must share his genetic excellence with his peers, it is only fair.

The Kansas Kracker