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I’m sure the Capital One commercial was filmed between Charles Barkley and Alec Baldwin that began airing during March Madness before Alec’s racist meltdown. I’ve loved Barkley since I was a kid because and still do because he his honest and shoots from the hip and that should be respected, but I wonder how he felt after Alec Baldwin’s off the cuff remarks? I guess next year we can look forward to another racist leftist, like Sean Penn’s son being in a commercial with Charles Barkley.

The left can no longer amaze me by their hypocrisy. I know how Alec and Sean love the communist leaders who have always done a number on African Americans (as history will tell) and regulated them to be expendable citizens but with the love fest amongst the left of Islam in today’s society, the hypocrisy of slavery will only continue. After all who sold the Africans to the Christian Whites and the Islamic Arabs in the first place but other African blacks, but in the USA the Islamic Arabs get a free pass for diversity reasons while the rest of us get thrown under the bus by the Arabs and leftist academics and their political allies who have profited off the sins of the past of which we have absolutely zero connection to.

I never read in my State sponsored and approved text books about these ills and I don’t figure my children will either as history is an Inconvenient Truth (just ask Al Gore – D Tennessee, whose father voted against the Civil Rights Act). The same Al Gore who promised Global Warming before that didn’t happen so they changed the verbiage to Climate Change to fool the masses and their unsuspecting children at gov’t ran indoctrination centers (schools) across this formally great land.

The Kansas Kracker

The Kansas Kracker