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I couldn’t have been happier about some washed up NBC leftist comparing WalMart employees being akin to sharecroppers. Employees of an American company who provide all kinds of goods and services to the masses at an economical price are now regulated to sharecropper status. If that is true aren’t all employees and those who feed off the government teat, which then would encompass all of society, be classified as slaves? That is what we are, just ask the citizens of Cyprus. We all pay for the incompetence of our Poison Ivy League Masters.

It isn’t Walmart who is making their employees ‘sharecroppers’ but rather it is the Federal Government that is making us all slaves. Are we not all beholden to our Washington masters and isn’t this analyst just a subject of the State herself who is looking for a better paid position. After all Walmart has to reduce their salary and paid wages to employees by 6.2% (FICA taxes) but Walmart is evil, just like ExxonMobil is evil but somehow the Federal Government skates for their mismanagements and is Good and not Evil? After all, Walmart and their employees are just providing products that benefit mankind at a reduced price after navigating the regulatory confines set out by our non-producing Washington DC plantation owners.

Think about it society. Do you trust those corporations that provide a service we all need on a daily basis or the false promises of a plentiful retirement by a broke government. Who is lying, the service provider or the lying liars of the State? I’ll let you decide, but never trust the State.

The Kansas Kracker