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To my very few followers it has been a little while since I posted. Sorry, I’m redoing my kitchen and so my house is a mess, just like the USA. What has happened in the last 10 days is gold so my timing sucks? There was a bombing in Boston and a Saudi went home, obviously innocent, when they get trusted status, just like when Bill Clinton was in office and the spooks in the CIA and the FBI couldn’t communicate and 15 of the 19 put planes into buildings (thanks D-Jamie Gorelick), but atleast their human rights were upheld. This was the same Bill Clinton that killed a lot of blacks (African Americans) in Waco and killed another black man in Croatia when his plane went down and only he had bullet holes in his head. Got to love those white democrats and their ongoing war against black Americans, if you don’t believe that then look at how many unborn blacks have been killed by Planned Parenthood (you should google Margaret Sanger, Nazi, and Democrats) and the likes of Mr. Gosnell in Philly, which the leftist MSM failed to cover. You want horror then think abortion and think Democrat and human rights or the lack their of and the rights of death for the living but yet unborn is priority number one of the DNC.

Good luck American, good luck Black America, keep voting Democrat and Death will come to us all, after all abortion is the perfect metaphor for the Progressive Left, White Northeast party of Democrat destruction and what they’ve done not only to the USA but to every country the world over in the last 100 years(Russian, Germany, Britain, France, China, Australia and the continents of Africa and South America).

The Kansas Kracker