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I went through school and was a good student and believed most of what I was taught until I got to college. I think I didn’t believe most of the crap in high school but I still believed but once I went to college I had that that moment when everything crashed and realized the previous years were for not. I still recognized what I was taught was mostly bullshit but shrugged it off until I hit the real world and actually grabbed a paycheck and realized the benefits conformity (groupthink).

I thought I made a difference until I ran into the Nazi wall of HR. That realization was a turning point in the realities of life and how this one unit has screwed over more people than the most depraved unit of any organization. I have to say to the world, never trust these individuals, never speak to them and they are your enemy but suck up to them to increase your pay, unless you are a white heterosexual male and then you are their enemy, and you have to pretend to be gay, but only for diversity points.

It is sad that we live in a society that is no longer built on merit but on diversity points, I guess I’m conservative but I do not know anyone who cares about your personal life. The Progressive Democrat leftists are the only ones who care about your nuances. They do this exceptionally well as they pretended care about you but like they sold out the Jew in the 30’s they’ll do it again today, only to get your vote. They pretend to love the gays but at the same time support extreme Islam. Hypocrisy is the name of the game and stupidity is front and center. Why do African Americans and gays support the DNC in mass? I think it has something to do with the Stockholm syndrome, as it is the only logical explanation.