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I’m proud to be a Libertarian one who will never vote for the presidency scam ever again. I also think the Senator scam has ran its course and realize the fraud that is the 17th amendment (that was never officially passed like the 16th amendment). Why vote for people if all they do is screw you over. The ‘Republican Leadership’ has proven they are in on the gig. We have John Boehner, who refuses to destroy Hillary Clinton for her corruption and ineptitude of Benghazi and now we have Marco Rubio who is too stupid to realize the amnesty vote was pushed only to destroy his presidential credentials in 2016. Rubio, you are a fool and you should stay in the Senate to collect your unearned benefits like the other douche bags that pretend to represent the people and vote for their own theft from the American people as you were played and you still don’t realize it. John McCain is an asshole and you are now following in his footsteps in the Gang of Eight.

It is funny how we all start out in the government controlled educational system and are indoctrinated by government educated sycophants and then we wonder why we believe in all their false promises. FDR (the God of the left) created the government Ponzi scheme of social security and Medicare/Medicaid but the government controlled media creates demons from the right. The Conservatives and Libertarians need to take a cue from Ron Paul and stop apologizing for crap you never did and point out the sins of the left at every turn. The Government is the Devil and the Thief in the Night and DC better buck up before the people just walk away, which they should have done a long time ago.

The Kansas Kracker